Haircuts and Styling Tips for Thin and Fine Hair

It can be hard to find the right haircut

and styling tricks to help thin and fine

hair look thick and voluminous. We’ve

looked to the stars for inspiration and put

together a selection of hairstyles and tips

that’ll make even the thinnest of hair

look its fullest best.


    The shorter thin hair is, the thicker it will look. Natalie Portman shows us how it’s done with her low-maintenance pixie cut.

Use the right products
  • Use the right products

    Thin, fine hair doesn’t always have to be cut short, as Gwyneth Paltrow shows us. Buying products intended for thin hair can yield the illusion of thicker hair. Using a volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and styling products before blow-drying hair upside down can add serious volume to even the thinnest hair.

Add  texture
  • Add texture

    We often think that cutting layers into thin hair will make it look thinner, but this is only the case with hair below shoulder length. With shorter hair, especially above chin length, the more layers you add the thicker your hair will look — just like Carey Mulligan.

Get a Bias Cut
  • Get a Bias Cut

    Hair worn forward and to the side over your forehead can cover up thinning or receding hairlines and make it look fuller. This is an on-trend haircut that’s sure to turn heads, a la Michelle Williams.

Adopt a bob
  • Adopt a bob

    Longer in front and shorter in the back, this style frames the face and creates fullness at the back of the head. This is easy, breezy glamour at its best and why Victoria Beckham’s iconic haircut is a perennial hit with fine-haired women.


    Wearing your hair in between short and long and styling it with large soft curls creates volume around your face and draws attention away from a lack of volume at the crown. Get Charlize Theron’s look by simply using hot rollers or a curling tong to create the curls, then run your fingers through your hair to break it up for a more natural look.


    Wearing your hair to one side will draw the eye to the volume of the hair gathered to the side. If you cut in a long fringe, this will further the effect without cutting too much hair. Look to Jessica Alba for inspiration.


    Tousled, beachy curls always look thicker. An easy way to disguise thinning hair is to take a cue from Kate Hudson and spritz your hair with sea salt spray before finger scrunching to create thick, just-off-the-beach hair.


    Adding several different shades of highlights and lowlights can create a 3D-effect that makes the hair look much thicker than it is. Ask your stylist to create a multi-tonal effect just like Alessandra Ambrosio.


    Adele shows us how to achieve the biggest hair possible: back-combing at the crown. Simply split your hair into sections before using a fine-toothed comb to tease the hair near the root. Spray with hairspray before smoothing your hair down for immense volume that will last you all day and into the night.

go blonde
  • go blonde

    Coloring your hair makes it more porous and leaves it looking fuller. Lighten your hair up to 3 shades and get a new look with the added bonus of thicker hair, as seen on Tyra Banks.


    If you lust for long hair then hair extensions can give you the volume and length you crave. Opt for human hair extensions in a color which is close to your natural hair color and have them woven or glued in rather than with clips. Cheryl Cole is a huge fan of extensions to pump up her hair.

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