The Best Short Hairstyles and Pixie Cuts

Get inspired by celebrities with short hair

Fresh, feminine, and chic, look to Natalie Portman for the classiest pixie crop around.

Rub hair wax between your fingers and pull and twist ends to create shine and definition.

Take a cue from Charlize Theron and cut layers into an asymmetrical bob and allow your natural waves to frame your face.

A great haircut for those of you who are attached to your long hair while still looking for a change.

Smolder with a tousled beach babe bob a la Keira Knightley.

No styling required, just rub a little hair wax in and you're good to go.

Emma Watson may now be better known for her short crop rather than the Harry Potter films.

And with good reason. This sleek 'do screams sophistication and elegance.

Add subtle highlights to increase the shine factor.

Gwyneth Paltrow's razor sharp cut is for those of you looking to dip your little toe into going for the chop.

Ask your stylist to cut along a forward line with longer ends in the front and add some lowlights for texture.

Short in the back and long in the front, model Selita Ebanks' crop is a classy balancing act.

Smooth some styling cream through the roots and let the wind do the rest—or slick some gel through it and whip it back for a chic evening look.

Do as Dita Von Teese does and create the illusion of shorter hair by adopting hair-curling tongs.

Tong through your hair in the same direction then brush through for an even wave. Fix with hair-spray and va-va-voom pin-up girl curls are yours.

There's nothing more timeless than the Twiggy crop. Not for the faint-of-heart, this crop brings your face into full focus and will plump up the look of fine or thin hair.

Make sure to keep your hair in top condition with regular deep conditioning masks.

If you want to soften your short haircut, make like Tilda Swinton and leave a side-swept section longer to frame your face.

A deep parting and eye-catching color make this a striking choice that will suit most face shapes.

Oh, Alexa! Her ombré locks and disheveled style have reached near cult status in the fashion world.

High-gloss is the key to this look so indulge your hair with a Brazilian keratin treatment. You'll need it after you've dip-dyed your choppy ends.

Rihanna is fearless when it comes to her hair, and this short crop is a stellar example.

Be bold and let your hair's natural texture shine through...if you dare.

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With the release of The Great Gatsby this past summer, Flapper-styles are all the rage. Katie Holmes' chic bob ticks all the boxes.

Make shine serums and glossing products your best friends to keep the frizz away.

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We all hope we'll look as classy as Sharon Stone when we're in our 50s.

A great haircut and style is key. Soft highlights and face framing layers give this bob a romantic, refined feel.

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Emily Rossum's sculpted bob radiates elegance and high sophistication.

Use embellished clips to create interest or flick the ends out for a relaxed daytime variation.

For a sure-fire short hair hit, try Brittany Snow's sleek variation on the bob and slick your hair back with a bit of gel for a chic and incredibly modern 'do.

Put the focus on your eyes and leave your skin as bare as possible while sporting this look.

Karlie Kloss went against the grain and lopped off her long locks to become the first Victoria's Secret model to sport short hair.

Keep the look effortless by blowdrying only the bangs and letting the rest do as it will.

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If you want to look like a pop superstar, look to Rita Ora for inspiration with her big-haired 80's styled bob.

Spray your hair with hair-spray before blow-drying upwards and curling ends in for a rock-meets-Dynasty look.

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Anne Hathaway's slick crop has gone from brunette to the the white-blond quiff style she sported at the Met, then back to brunette again.

Best for fine hair, keep styling products to a minimum and play with bold accessories to really stand out.

Be brave and go ultra short if you've got great skin and want to take a break from overly styled hair.

Minimum effort and über chic, Charlize Theron's 2013 crop is a masterclass in simplicity and style.

Ooh la la! A bob with bangs has 'Parisienne' written all over it.

Take a cue from Mia Wasikowska and work a little styling wax through the tips for separation and texture.

Michelle Williams shows us how to perfectly pull off a deeply parted, one-sided short cut.

Wear yours carelessly swept across your face or pinned behind your ear for a carefree twist on this sassy crop.

If you're growing a short haircut out, styling your hair into a coif can lend an edgy, urban vibe to your look.

Halle Berry works it to perfection with lighter tips and plenty of volume.

Love your bob haircut but want to change things up? January Jones adds razor sharp choppy ends to her bob and sweeps hair behind her ears for easy sophistication that isn't too girl-next-door.

Curl the ends in for a sculpted 60's look for a change.

Sometimes just playing with styling products and finishes can give your look the boost you're looking for.

Run curling tongs through your bob, spritz sea salt spray on your hands and then use your fingers to break the curls apart for windblown 'je ne sais quoi' like Marion Cotillard.

What is it about French women that just oozes chic? Audrey Tatou's choppy, pageboy hair-style looks unique, easy to manage and ladylike all at once.

Try not to worry about symmetrical sides or uneven lengths, the more seemingly unaffected, the better.

A roughly cut bob is a fresh interpretation of the classic cut.

Jaimie Alexander creates spiky ends and edgy texture with hers.

1...2...step! Ciara's chic one-sided bob stands out with its shimmering two-tone color and choppy texture.

Get the look by running curling tongs through your bob, creating a deep parting and using plenty of hair wax.

Carey Mulligan's super slick crop stands out for its simplicity.

It's vital to ensure that every hair stays in place for this look so use strong hairspray and back-comb before smoothing hair down.

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Ginnifer Goodwin's crop is the ultimate rock-chic haircut. A variation on a bowl haircut but with shorter back and sides, this cut packs a lot of attitude.

Ask for neatly trimmed sideburns and a tapered gradient cut in the back while leaving the front longer and less defined.

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